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Area of operation

PESCO's area of responsibility covers Civil Districts of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Pakistan.


PESCO field formations consist of following eight distribution Operation Circles, including one Construction Directorate and one GSO Circle, as detailed below:

Operation Circles

  1. Peshawar Circle: 6 Divisions / 28 Sub Divisions
  2. Khyber Circle: 5 Divisions/24 Sub Divisions
  3. Mardan Circle: 4 Divisions/23 Sub Divisions
  4. Hazara Circle: 6 Divisions/23 Sub Divisions
  5. Swat Circle: 4 Divisions/16 Sub Divisions
  6. Bannu Circle: 5 Divisions/23 Sub Divisions
  7. Project Construction Circle: 4 Divisions/11 Sub Divisions
  8. G.S.O. Circle: 5 Divisions/28 Sub Divisions
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