• When will the snapped supply be restored?

    You can get information from the complaint center of your concerned Sub Division office about restoration of snapped supply. In case of a busy telephone line please dial 111-000-118 or 118.

  • What is PESCO doing to control excessive supply failures due to kite flying with metallic wire?

    The problem is being tackled on the technical level by covering the Grid Stations equipment with guard wires and nets. At the administrative and legal level, patrols are organized to nab the culprits and handing them over to the Police for registering cases against them. However, public support is very necessary to curb this practice. PESCO solicits public support by organizing walks, seminars and appeals through print/electronic media.

  • How to correct low voltage problem in the area?

    Please contact the SDO/XEN/SE of your area. The will address the problem at their level and, if necessary, will refer to PESCO head quarter for an augmentation work.

  • How the dangerous poles or wires hindering the doorway or the street can be removed?

    As the poles/wires were installed before the construction of the house or street, give the details in writing to the Executive Engineer Operation of your area, who will prepare an estimate of the probable cost of removing the pole or wires. This cost has to be paid by you for relocation of the pole or wires.

  • What is the policy and procedure for the electrification of a left over locality or a Village?

    The electrification of villages/localities if financed and approved by local or provincial government. Please get in touch with your elected representative for the electrification of your locality or village. PESCO will provide a feasibility report. On payment of the full cost, the required electrification will be undertaken. The cost of electrification of housing schemes is similarly borne by the sponsors or residents.

  • Why does my new meter run faster than the old meter which has been replaced by PESCO?

    It is not true. The fact is that the new meter runs correctly. It was the old meter which had become slow and sluggish due to age and/or other external/internal causes.

  • When materials are stolen from lines, why does PESCO take a long time to restore supplies?

    Theft of material from PESCO's lines is a criminal activity and apart from the departmental enquiry, FIR has to be registered for police investigation. After the registration of FIR and completion of departmental documentation, stolen materials are replaced at the cost of consumer(s) who share the responsibility for its safeguard determined by rules/law. The cost, however, is recovered in installments from general consumers but in one installment if the equipment stolen was feeding a single consumer.

  • What are the different categories of Industrial Consumers and who is the concerned sanctioning authority?

    Tariff B – I Up to 40 kW
    Tariff B – II From 41 kW to 500 kW
    Tariff B – III For loads upto 5000 kW
    Tariff B – IV For all Loads at 66/132/220 kV

    Authority for Sanctioning of Load:

    Up to 70 kW: Deputy Manager (Division)
    71 kW to 500 kW: Manager (Circle)
    Above 500 kW: Chief Executive Officer PESCO
  • The telephone line of the complaint office constantly gives a busy tone. Probably the receiver has been removed from the cradle.

    This is not exactly the case. Actually the complaint office telephone remains busy as a large proportion of consumers try to contact it when electricity supply is disrupted in a certain locality. Besides your area complaint office, you can contact 118 at Circle Customer Services Centre or 111-000-118 at PESCO Head Quarter.

  • Whom to approach for correction of wrong reading on the bill?

    Please contact Customer Services Centres of your area or PESCO Head Quarter.

  • What is a detection bill?

    Detection Bill is served for:

    1. illegal abstraction of electricity or consumption of energy;
    2. direct hooking and
    3. on account of slowness etc.

    In case of direct hooking, whoever is found to have connected his installations, appliances and apparatus with the works of licencee (PESCO), for the purpose of supply of energy without its written consent, requires an FIR to be lodged with Police. Further to compensate the loss sustained on account of theft of electricity, a detection/assessment bill is to be served, as per laid down procedures. The owner or occupier of the premsis which are found, for the time being, connected illegally for the purpose of supply of energy with the works of licencee are liable for the payment of detection/assessment bill prepared and served.

    Detection bill on account of slowness is to be served for slowness observed in the meter on mechnical or technical ground. Slowness is checked either with a Check Meter or by getting the meter tested with a appropriate testing equipment. Slowness is only attributed to mechanical or technical faults where ascertained that element of dishonest abstraction or consumption of energy is not involved. Charging on account of slowness continues till the meter is replaced. The period and amount of energy supplied to the consumer is determined/assessed after considering results of Check Meter/testing equipment, consumption pattern, sanctioned load, connected load or any other suitable criteria of the connection.

    Although utmost care is exercised in the preparation of detection/assessment bill, however if at all you find any discrepancy or you have any other reservation, please report to your concerning officer. Remember to clear your dues immediately or your electricity connection may be disconnected.

  • I was receiving petty bills for the last two months, all of sudden this month I have received a huge bill. What can be the reason?

    Checking the digits on your electricity utility meters never hurts, especially when the benefits involve saving energy and money. By learning how to read your electric meter, you can monitor your efforts and avoid being over charged or undercharged by the utility company. Electricity meter are read once a month on the date given on your consmuer electricity bill. If you know, your meter has not been read, inform your subdivision.

    If you observe a sizable difference when comparing the reading, this could result over charge or under charge in your next bill. In either case, please get it corrected.

  • What is a slab benefit ?

    Slab benefit is automatically computed by the computer on bills containing accumulated consumption charges, on being undercharged due to wrong assessment in the past and the fault of not billing the consumer for actual consumption regurlarly every month or of under assessment in the past lies with the department.

  • Where from I can get installments on my bill ?

    Installments are not admissible at running bill. However installments can be given on arrears of electricity dues outstanding against the consumer and whenever electricity dues are allowed to be paid in installments, interest is charged at the prevailing bank rates.

    In case of general connections for arrears amounting to Rs. 2,000. SDO is competent for not more than three equal monthly installments. Arrears amounting to Rs. 10,000. XEN is competent for not more than three equal monthly installments. Arrears amounting to Rs. 100,000. SE is competent for not more than four equal monthly installments. CEO is competent for not more than six equal monthly installments.

    It is to be noted that the powers are only exercised in genuine and deserving cases and where the consumer has not defaulted in payment during the last six months. A written undertaking from the consumers concerned is obtained which should say that he would pay the installment bills, along with the current consumption bills regularly and he will not make any further request for the recovery of the electricity dues by installments as a condition precedent to his retaining the electricity connection.

  • Electricity at my place was disconnected due to non-payment. Now that I have cleared my dues, how can I get my place reconnected?

    All the disconnected consumers are reconnected only after clearance of outstanding dues. A reconnection order (RCO) is authorized by concerning Customer Services Officer (CSO).

    In case of arrears of electricity dues from the defaulting disconnected consumers applying for reconnection and installments, a written undertaking will be obtained on a stamped paper of the required value to the effect that until the arrears are cleared in full, along with his current consumption charges, his premsis is liable to be disconnected forthwith due to nonpayment of any installment or current consumption bill. For reconnection apart from other formalities fresh security deposit is also to be paid, at the prevalent rates and you will have to execute fresh agreement as a condition precedent to obtaining reconnection. Supply to the premsis will be restored only on the payment of first installment and completion of all other necessary formalities.

  • I have received arears on my bill, whereas I have nothing outstanding, what can I do now?

    If arrears have been included erroneously, you can get it corrected, on showing your previous bill's bank receipt, from subdivision, customer service centers or from the bank branch while depositing your bill.

    If you have received disconnection notice on the bill because of arrears, and you have already cleared those, you can get it reversed on showing bank receipt to the customer service officer of division.

  • I have a domestic connection but now I want to open a Boutique at my place, am I required to get my Tariff changed?

    Yes, however, change of tariff is permissible only on running connection and where technically feasible.

    You will have to pay following charges/cost:

    • If you have availed any benefit or subsidy in capital/service connection cost at the time of getting connection at exiting tariff.
    • Cost of material required to effect change of tariff.
    • Difference of security as per prevailing rates.
    • Assessment bill for unauthorized use of electricity for tarrif other than sanctioned i.e. if higher tariff is applicable and you have already changed the mode of use of electricity.
  • I have installed new plant at my shop, now how can I get my load extended?

    A & A form is used to apply for the extension of load.

    On depositing the difference of security between sanctioned load and applied load, you can extend your load and avoid inconvenience. In addition to this you may also be required to deposit following charges/cost

    • If you have availed any benefit or subsidy in capital/service connection cost at the time of getting connection at exiting load.
    • Cost of material required to effect extension of load.
  • I am receiving defective estimated (def est) reading on my bill, what is that?

    If your meter is declared defective, you would be receiving an assessed bill based on your consumption during the corresponding months of last year, that is estimated bill due to defective meter at your premises, which should be replaced immediately. It is the policy of the company, on observing a defect in the meter, a 'Check Meter' is installed immediately, so that accurate electricity consumption is measured and correctly charged. However due to certain unavoidable circumstances, if Check Meter is not installed you would be receiving estimated bills marked 'def est'. It is further added that on the same bill age of defective estimated bills is also recorded and if your meter is not replaced within 2 to 3 months you should contact your subdivision.

  • I have bought this place recently, the bills I receive are in the name of previous owner, how can I get it corrected?

    Change of name is applied in the same manner as prescribed for new connection.

  • I want to get my sanctioned load reduced, do I have to pay anything extra?

    Differece of security deposit on revised/current rates is not to be charged for reduction of load.

  • In my area there are frequent problems of electricity shutdowns, where to go now?

    Dear customer there can be number of reasons for the shutdowns, but the most frequent problem encountered is overloading of distribution system. In order to get it rectified please contact your subdivisional officer, who will be able to indicate exact nature of problem in your area and remedy for that.

  • I have not received my bill?

    Dear customer duplicate bills are available at our customer service centers. If you are frequently not receiving your bills in time, please contact your subdivisional office.

  • How can I get my connection shifted to a new place?

    Shifting of connections is allowed on certain terms and conditions, where technically feasible.

    • The new proposed site is in the name of the owner of the connection or of his legal heir. In case new site is in the name of legal heir, 'change of name' will also be processed simultaneously as per relevant rules.
    • You will have to pay dismantlement charges, reinstallation charges and cost of extra material and equipment required for the shifting of connection.
    • You will also have to update security deposits as per fresh/prevalent rates.
    • And there are no arrears outstanding against the connection