Theft Reporting


1. With a view to check, minimize and ultimately to eradicate theft, dishonest abstraction or Consumption of electricity by consumers, the WAPDA Authority has decided to institute a system of Reward and Incentive for reporting/detection or theft of electricity.

2. The Standing Operating Procedures (SOP's) given hereunder will be effective with effect from 01.01.2000. Policy on the subject issued by GM (CS) vide his letter No 1467-1672/GMCS/D(R&CP)/57118 dated 14.11.1988 letter No. 265-486/GMCS/D(R&CP)/57118 dated: 06.2.1989, letter No. 1141-1268/ GM~S 'D(R&CP)/571 18 dated: 20.06.1991 and letter No. 3299-378/ GMCS /DG '(R&CP) '57118 dated 22.09.1997 shall deemed to have been superseded by the SOP's hereunder with effect from 01.01.2000.

3. Maximum Payable

A maximum of 10% of the Detection Bill raised will be disbursed as Reward and incentive reward. A maximum of 5% of the Detection 3111 raised as a result of a Report will be paid to the Repartee. Remaining 5% of the Detection Bill raised and recovered will be aid as Incentive details payments and procedures are contained in Part-I and Part-Il of the SOP's:


4. Eligibility

Reward will be payable to those who report theft of electricity provided that the theft is verified, detection bill is raised and debited to the delinquent Consumer/non Consumer. The amount of reward will be a set percentage of the amount recovered and will be payable through a crossed cheque or cash. Those who are eligible for reward are: a . General Public 
b . Government Employees 
c. Employees of autonomous, semi autonomous and corporate bodies 
d. WAPDA Employees whether Regular, Temporary, on Daily Wages, on Contract or on Deputation except those employees whose job description and charter of duties includes checking/detecting theft of electricity except those employed on intelligence duties.

5. Quantification Of Reward

The reward payable to the Reportee shall be in accordance with the amount contained in Table-I below.

1 Amount upto and including Rs.5,00,000/- 5% of the recovered amount Rs.25,000.00 (Twenty Five Thousand)
2 Amount from Rs. 5,00,001 upto and including Rs10,00,000/- Rs. 25,000.00 plus 2.5% of the recovered amount exceeding Rs. 5.00 lacs Rs. 37,500.00 (Thirty Seven Thousand Five Hundred
3 Amount from Rs. 10,00,001/- upto and including Rs. 20,00,000/- Rs. 37,500.00 pIus 1.25 % of the recovered amount exceeding Rs 10.00 lacs Rs. 50,000.00 ( Fifty Thousand)
4 Amount from Rs. 20,00,001/- upto and including Rs 50,00,000/- Rs. 50,000.00 plus 1% of the recovered amount exceeding Rs. 20.00 lacs Rs. 80,000.00 (Eighty Thousand)
5 Amount exceeding Rs. 50,00,000/- Rs. 80,000.00 pIus 0.75% of the recovered amount exceeding Rs. 50.00 lacs To be calculated

6. Budget Head

Each DISCO and GM (M&S) will open a Budget Head Account titled Reward and Incentive. Budgetary Provisions will be made annually by the Authority on demand basis so that the requirements of Rewards/Incentive are met from this Budget Head.

7. Procedure For Reporting Theft

  1. Any eligible person may lodge a report in person by telephone or in writing to any of the under mentioned officers authorized to receive such reports.

    1. (1) Authorized Officers - DISCO'S

      1. (a) Chief Executive of DISCO'S.
      2. (b) Director Commercial and Dy. Director Surveillance of DISCO'S.
      3. (c) All SE's (Operation) Circle, All XEN's(Operation Division and All. SDO's (Operation), Subdivision of DlSCO's
    2. (2) Authorised Officer WAPDA HQ

      1. (a) General Manager (M&S) WAPDA House Lahore Reports received by the Chairman, Dy. Chairman and Members of the Authority etc. will be handled by GM (M&S).
      2. (b) Genera Manager (lnt) WAPDA I-louse Lahore including Deputy Directors Intelligence deployed in the field.
      3. (c) Directorls Surveillance of GM (M&S) located in Peshawar, lslamabad/Rawalpindi, GujrarwaIa, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Hyderabad and Deputy Director Surveillance Quetta.
      4. (d) Director, Chairman WAPDA Complaint. Cell, G-7, Wapda House, Lahore.
  2. Essential Information

      The report by a reportee must contain under mentioned essential information to locate the Consumers indulging in theft.

      1. Reference Number of the Consumer if known.
      2. Locality/Address of the Consumer.
      3. Category of Consumer, i.e. Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, Tube well etc.
      4. Mode of theft and time of theft if known.
  3. Availing The Reward

    1. If the reportee wishes to avail the Reward, it will be necessary for the reportee to:

      1. Indicate whether or not he/she wants the report to be treated as confidential.
      2. Give his name, address, telephone number and photocopy of the National Identity Card.

8 . Tiers Of Action

The action on reports will be decentralized Payment of reward, however will be finally approved at two tiers:

  1. DISCO Tier

    The Authorised Officers at DISCO level will receive complaints, take action to raid/ascertain theft, quantify the theft, raise Detection gill, quantify share of the reportee and get final approval of the payment to be made from Chief Executive DISCO.

  2. WAPDA HQ Tier

    (1) GM (M&S) The Regional Directors Surveillance having received reports will carry out raids, ascertain theft, get the Detection Bills raised through Field Formations, quantify the amount of reward and get the approval of GM (M&S) for' payment of the reward. GM (M&S) will process the cases for approval of the Authority. Having solicited the approval, cheque will be issued to the concerned Director Surveillance for the payment amount from the 'dedicated Budget Head with GM (M&S). The Director Surveillance will make payment to the Reportee on receipt of the cheque. The reports received by GM (M&S) direct will be passed down to concerned Regional Directors/Director (HQ) for further action till fruition. (2) GM (Int ) Action on the reports received by Gm (Int) or the field intelligence detachments may be taken through Surveillance. Set u p of GM (M&S) or any of the authorized Officers of the field Formations (DISCO'S). After the Detection Bill is raised through the relevant competent. Authority of the DISCO, the quantification of Reward will be through the concerned Authorised Officer for approval and initiated by the Field Intelligence Detachment and processed payment by Chief executive DlSCO. A cheque of the Reward amount wilt thereafter be issued by the CE DISCO and sent under a covering letter to GM (Int) who will disburse the amount to the Field Intelligence Detachments for payment to the reportee. (3) Director Chairman WAPDA Complaint cell On Receipt of the Director Chairman WAPDA Complaint Cell (CWCC) the raiding party will be arranged either through surveillance Directorate of M&S Division or any of the authorized, officers as deemed fit. The Detection Bill Will be raised through field formations and approved through competent authority. The quantification of reward will be initiated by Director CWCC and processed through GM (M&S) for approval of' the Authority. A cheque of the reward will be issued to the director CWCC from the allocated budget head of the GM (M & S) who will disburse the amount to the reportee.

  3. Actions By the Authorised Officers

    1. The report received in writing, on telephone, or in person will be personally handled by the Authorised Officer. Name and other particulars of the reportee will be kept secret/confidential if so desired by the reportee. A separate folder for each report shall be opened, and maintained.
  4. In case the Authorised Officer is on tour, or leave or is not otherwise available in office, the written report without opening the cover, will be kept in safe custody of his Personal 'Assistant/Clerk and will be opened personally by him on his arrival In office. The Authorised Officer may however designate any other officer/official to deal with such report in his absence.
  5. The Authorised Officer shall, as soon as possible, assemble a Raiding Party out of Surveillance Teams at his disposal or constitute a Raiding Party of other Officers/Officials he deems fit or he may ask any of the other Authorised Officers to assemble a raiding party. He shall give them the essential information to conduct the raid and will not disclose the source of the information. The Authorised Officer will exercise .his judgment to conduct raids in accordance with the following priorities:

    1. Industrial Consumers
    2. Large Commercial Consumers
    3. Other Commercial Consumers
    4. Agricultural Consumers
    5. Domestic Consumer having AC's
    6. Domestic/other Consumers
  6. The raiding party shall associate the concerned field staff depending upon the category of the consumer and shall conduct the raid in their presence.
  7. If the raid culminates in successful detection of theft of Electricity, the Competent Authority of the DISCO will be sent a written report and asked to lodge an FIR in the concerned Police Station against the delinquent consumer, quantify the theft in terms of units and raise a Detection Bill.
  8. The raiding party shall submit a written report of their findings to the Authorised Officer. The Authorised Officer shall ensure that the concerned Competent Authority in whose jurisdiction the delinquent consumer is located sends proof of recovery of the detection bill duly verified by the Revenue Officer concerned to him.
  9. The Authorised Officer shall make a case report recommending payment to be made to the reportee in accordance with para 5 (Quantification of Reward) and process the case in accordance with the contents of para 8. Each DISCO and GM (Int) shall submit monthly reports of Reward Payments by 7th of each month to GM (M&S).
  10. GM (M&S) shall consolidate all reports and submit a summary to the Authority by fifth of each month.
  11. Spurious Reports.

    In case a report is found to be baseless, frivolous, sensational or malafide, WAPDA may proceed against the reportee, If a WAPDA employee, under E&D Rules. If the reportee is a Government Servant or employee of Autonomous/semi autonomous/ corporate bodies, a report of misconduct will be made to the parent organization. If the reportee is a public person, an FIR may be lodged against him/her if deemed necessary.

PART - 2

11. Eligibility

Only those WAPDA employees who are tasked to check and detect theft of electricity will be eligible for incentive awards: The detection may be due to:

  1. Reported Theft Raid conducted by Surveillance Team/other raiding party constituted by the Authorised Officer to investigate reported theft by a consumer.
  2. Routine Surveillance Routine surveillance/other duties falling within the job description/charter of duties of the individual/team.

12. Quantification of Incentive Award

The incentive award shall be payable in accordance with the amount contained in the Table -2 below:

13. Sharing of Incentive Award.

Detecting theft of electricity is a team work effort in which the Authorised Officer and his office staff along with the Field Teams are involved. Therefore, sharing of the incentive award is a must, in order that proper interest is maintained at all level. Sharing of Incentive Award shall be in following cases:

  1. Detection As a Result of a Report.

    The Authorized Officer who received the Reporting organized and got the Raid conducted along with the Raiding Party will be eligible for the Incentive Award. The amount of Award will be shared equally by all member of the Raiding Party and the Authorised Officer. No Officer/Official will be entitled for Incentive Award Twice in the same case. It will also be ensured that a Reportee entitled to Reward (under Part-i of SOP's) is not included in the incentive Award.

  2. Routine Detection

    1. Sub Divisional Level In case of routine checking by Sub Divisional Staff resulting in detecting theft of electricity, the team so detailed inclusive of the SDO will be eligible for 90% of the recovered amount in accordance with Table-Il and will be equally shared by the team and the SDO. The remaining 10% will be shared equally by other Sub Divisional staff.
    2. Divisional Leve l. In case of routine checking by teams details by XEN (Operation) Division, resulting in detection, the team inclusive of the XEN will be eligible .to 90% of the recovered amount in accordance with Table-ll. This amount will be shared equally by the XEN and the checking team remaining 10% will be shared equally by the other Divisional Staff.
    3. Circle Level . In case of a routine checking by team detailed by SE Circle resulting in detection, the team inclusive of SE Circle will be eligible to 90% of the recovered amount in accordance with Table-ll. And will be shared equally by the checking team and the SE. The remaining. 10% will by shared equally by the Circle Staff.
    4. Circle Manager M&T. In case of a routine check conducted by Circle Manager M&T teams resulting in detecting theft of electricity, the M&T team inclusive of circle Manager will be eligible to 90% of the recovered amount in accordance with Table-Il to be shared equally by the Circle Manager and the Team. Remaining 10% will be shared equally by other staff of Circle Manager.
    5. Regional Manager M&T. In case of a routine check conducted by the Regional Manager. The regional Manager and the team which carried out the checking resulting in detection will be eligible to 90% of the recovered amount in accordance with Table-Il and will be shared equally with the team members inclusive of the Regional Manager. Remaining 10% will be shared equally by the remaining staff of Regional Manager.
    6. CE DISCO Level. In case of a Routine checking carried out by HO DISCO Staff resulting in detection, the team inclusive of the Authorised Officer will be eligible to 90% of the recovered amount in accordance with Table-Il to be shared equally. Remaining 10% will be shared equally by the DISCO Staff of the Authorised Officer.
    7. General Manager (M&S) In case of a Routine check carried out by Directors/Deputy Directors, surveillance of Region/HO resulting in detection, the team inclusive of the Authorised Officer will be eligible to 90% of the recovered amount in accordance with Table-Il to be shared equally. Remaining 10% of the Award will be shared equally by the staff of the Authorised Officers. No member of the field formation in whose jurisdiction the detection has taken place will be eligible for the award even though he was incorporated in the routine checking.


    1. Reported Theft

      1. In case of Reports resulting in Detection of Theft of Electricity, the Reportee would invariably be interested in immediate monetary reward. The Authorised Officer will ensure that a Detection Bill is raised. A claim for 50% of the Reward calculated in accordance with Table-I will be made and got approved from the competent authority discussed in para 8. Payment will be made to the Reportee by the Authorized Officer in cash or cheque and the address, photocopy of N1C and signature taken for the payment made. To ensure confidentiality, a payment Register (Confidential and. Accountable) will be maintained and all confidential transactions of payment recorded their in by the Authorised Officer. This Register will remain in personal custody of the Authorised Officer and will be available for Audit purposes.
      2. The remaining 50% of the Reward will be paid to the Reportee after the amount of Detection Bill have been duly entered in 2 by the RO, a Computer Detection Bill based on CP-52 has been issued and payment of the same is verified by the RO concerned.
    2. Routine Checks

      1. An assessment of units stolen will be made by the checking/ Raiding Party.
      2. Amount of Detection will be determined by the SDO/XEN concerned and the Detection Bill Performa, after due approval from the Competent Authority sent to the RO.
      3. The RO will prepare cP-52 based on the Detection Bill Performa and send the data to Computer Section.
      4. The Computer Section will enter data into the Computer.
      5. The Central Computer will send a computerized Detection Bill to be served to the Consumer.
      6. The Authorised Officer, having verified from the RO that the Detection Bill has been paid in full or part will prepare a claim for Incentive Award in accordance with Table-Il and get the claim approved from the Competent Officer mentioned in para 8 and make payments to the concerned in accordance with para 13 by cheque. A proper record of all transactions will be maintained at all level in an Incentive Award Register duly supported by proper receipts. This Register will be Audible and will be produced before the Audit Party during the course of Audit

    15. Reports and Returns.

    DISCO's and G.M (lnt) will submit monthly returns of payments made as Reward and Incentive separately by 10th of each month to GM (M&S). The returns will be consolidated and a summary submitted to the Authority for information by 20th of each month.