Commercial Department

Department Details

Handheld units (HHUs)

HHU has been implemented to achieve following goals:

  • Paperless environment / kalamzoo book not required
  • Transparent meter record.
  • Printers / PC’s and HHU for each subdivision
  • UET Peshawar
    • 13 subdivisions
    • 479 HHU meter reading systems
    • 53 subdivisions
  • PITC
    • 514 mobile systems

Metering & Testing


Previously there was only one Executive Engineer (M&T) in PESCO, then Area Electricity Board who was looking after the technical matters regarding metering and testing. There were Six Sub Divisional Officers under the command of Executive Engineer (M&T) with their head quarters located at Peshawar , Mardan, Swat, Abbottabad and Bannu who used to look after the testing/checking of meters of the local areas.

Subsequently the M&T Directorate was established in 1998 wherein the post of Executive Engineer M&T was upgraded and was terned as Manager Technical Services (M&T) BPS-19 with six Executive Engineers one in each Circle renamed as Circle Manager (M&T) BPS-18. One (M&T) Laboratory is functioning in each Circle Head quarter.


Metering and testing directorate is responsible to maintain technical standards and specifications in the Disco relating to meters and ensures that every energy Meter installed at the consumers premises is within the limits of accuracy prescribed by the Authority.

The M&T Directorate carries out checking/testing and recalibration of single phase, Three phase. Three phase Meters removed from the premises of consumers by the field staff due to any reason. Each meter is tested in the M&T Lab: operating under Deputy Manager M&T in each Circle and test result are issued to the concerned Assistant Manager (Operation) for further necessary action. Any discrepancy observed in the meter during the course of testing is fully explained in the test result. All the recalibrated and repaired meters are sent back to the field offices for re-installation while substandard and repairable meters are scraped.


Besides above in the field the M&T staff carries out installation and energization of all type of connections having sanctioned load above 40 KW where installation of C.T operated meter is involved.

Connections having load upto 500 KW are installed, energized and properly secured by the Deputy Manager M&T while connections above 500 KW are energized and secured by Manager Technical Services M&T.

Also the Deputy Manager M&T carries out checking and testing of all type of connections above 40 KW upto 500 KW in the field/at site to confirm that the meters are accurate properly secured and consumer has not carried out any tampering with the metering system for mis-use of electricity. Similarly Manager Technical Services/Regional Manager M&T carries out periodic checking/testing of all type of consumer meters having sanctioned load above 500 KW to ensure that meters are within the prescribed limits of accuracy, properly secured and no pilferage of energy is being done through un-fair means.

The transformers damaged in the field are properly tested in the laboratory by a field committee and the extent of damaged is checked. Responsibilities for damage to the transformers are fixed by the field committee and the damaged transformers are dispatched to reclamation workshop while transformers having minor defects are repaired in the Lab.

The efficiency of transformers in the field gets reduced due to carbonization and moisture in the transformer oil and as such the insulation level of transformer oil goes down.

To bring the insulation of transformer oil to the acceptable level, dehyration plants are installed in each lab; where the transformer oil is dehydrated and brought to the desired level.