PESCO Customer Services

Customer Services

The tasks assigned to Customer Services Directorate in PESCO are:

  • Implementation of Commercial Policies
  • Monitoring and management of recovery process
  • Monitoring of line losses and preparation of accurate line losses statements
  • Settling consumer disputes involving technical, commercial and tariff issues
  • Processing and monitoring policies and procedures for Customer Services
  • Inspection of field formations regarding Commercial and Customer Services matters
  • Sanction, contract management and monitoring of specialized electricity consumptions such as Cable TV networks and neon signs etc.
  • Processing/sanctioning of various incentives for customers and employees introduced from time to time
  • Tariff structuring and management of other tariff related matters
  • Compilation of statistical data and management returns
  • Co-ordination with Manager MIS for regulating effective billing program
  • Sueveillance and detection of electricity theft
  • Taking effective measures for prevention of elecricity theft