HR & Admin

Human Resources

Mr. Zamir Hussain Kolachi, DG(HR)

Under directions from the Chief Executive Officer of the Compnay, HR & Admn Director shall be responsible for the recruitment and placement of the "right people to the right jobs" and enhancing their levels of motivation / morale / job satisfaction through:

  • The provision of the necessary support systems and structures such as an attractive compensation package, a fair and objective system for promotion and career progression, training and development inputs to keep people in pace with the changing demands of their jobs, etc.
  • The creation of a working environment and operationalization of administrative support systems that will promote employee performance and productivity.

Task Elements

More specifically the Human Resources Director shall perform following functions:

  • A human resource philosophy which shall govern the company's actions with respect to human resources management.
  • Prepare a Human Resource Plan to support the short and medium-term goals of the company.
  • Develop the policies, guidelines and procedures for the following human resources management concerns:

    • Manpower planning / budgeting.
    • Recruitment and Selection.
    • Appointment, deployment, re-deployment / transfers.
    • Compensation and benefits administration.
    • Career planning and promotions.
    • Performance management.
    • Incentives administration.
    • Training and development.
    • Grant of selection grade.
    • Grant of permission for higher education.
    • Consider and approve transfer requests.
    • Sanction leave.
    • Disciplinary cases upto BPS 1 to 16.

    • Manpower planning
    • Recruitment and Selection
    • Appointment and development
    • Creation of posts and offices

    • Preparation of Seniority lists / Fixation of Seniority
    • Career planning and promotions
    • Performance management
    • Training and development
    • Grant of selection grades
    • Preparation and circulation of seniority lists
    • Maintenance of Service Books
    • Pension Welfare Fund and GLI cases
    • Over time / off-days wages cases

    • Transfer and posting of staff and officer
    • Vacancies statement and Manpower data.
    • Incumbency statement / register
    • To maintain list of officer stay wise.

    • Retirement and resignation of service
    • Preparation of Pension Papers
    • Actively supervise and coordinate the working of all Admn staff posted under PESCO HQ
    • Establishment matter relating to Technical / non-technical staff
    • Establishment matter of officer regarding training and development.
    • Permission of higher education to all employees under PESCO
    • Permission to employee for another job
    • All establishment matter not covered here

    • The cases of Wafaqi Mohtasib / Court Cases regarding establishment matters shall be dealt with by Legal / Wafaqi Mohtasib Cell of PESCO HQ. However, comments if so required by Legal Section / Wafaqi Mohtasib Section of this office, the same will be furnished by Manager (HR&A).