Planning & Engineering


  • To Provide functional guidance in all technical activities to ensure efficient and economical operation of the distribution system.
  • To forecast needs for system expansion to provide adequate and reliable services to consumers.
  • To prepare short/long terms planning proposals for all distribution facilities.
  • To coordinate planning activities with General Manager Planning (Headquarter) WAPDA House Lahore.
  • To coordinate engineering activities with the Chief Engineer, Engineering (Headquarters) WAPDA House Lahore.
  • Standards and specifications of the authority regarding planning and engineering.
  • To administer the policies, practices and procedures for the improvement of the distribution system.
  • To monitor all major projects within the company jurisdiction to ensure compatibility with development program objectives.
  • To prepare short / long terms area planning proposals, computer modeled circuit analysis of feeders to meet the requirements of prospective consumers having load more than 500 KW.
  • To administer the issuance of work orders for High Tension (HT) and Low Tension (LT) proposals for the Augmentation / Rehabilitation of the distribution Network, under “Energy Loss Reduction” and development of power programs.