Project Management Unit

Project Management Unit

Functions of PMU

  • To Provide functional guidance in all technical activities to ensure efficient and economical operation of the distribution system.
  • To forecast needs for system expansion to provide adequate and reliable services to consumers.
  • To prepare short/long terms planning proposals for all distribution facilities.
  • To coordinate planning activities with General Manager Planning (Headquarter) WAPDA House Lahore.
  • To coordinate engineering activities with the Chief Engineer, Engineering (Headquarters) WAPDA House Lahore.
  • Standards and specifications of the authority regarding planning and engineering.
  • To administer the policies, practices and procedures for the improvement of the distribution system.
  • To monitor all major projects within the company jurisdiction to ensure compatibility with development program objectives.
  • To prepare short / long terms area planning proposals, computer modeled circuit analysis of feeders to meet the requirements of prospective consumers having load more than 500 KW.
  • To administer the issuance of work orders for High Tension (HT) and Low Tension (LT) proposals for the Augmentation / Rehabilitation of the distribution Network, under “Energy Loss Reduction” and development of power programs.


Environment and social safeguard Cell

Environment and social safeguard Cell aims to promote sustainability of project outcomes by protecting the environment and people from projects' potential adverse impacts by avoiding adverse impacts of projects on the environment and affected people, where possible; minimizing, mitigating, and/or compensating for adverse project impacts on the environment and affected people and to comply with national(Pakistan environmental protection act 1997, land acquisition act 1894) and international (safeguard policy statement SPS 2009) laws, creating mass awareness and understanding about fundamental processes that contribute to environmental pollution and natural resource degradation and train human resource to combat pollution and ensure sustainable development.