Project Construction

Project construction overview

The Construction directorate, PESCO was created in the year 1990 by the Authority to adopt a uniform policy for Village Electrification, Rehabilitation / Improvement of existing Distribution System and other Developmental works. Prior to this three Construction Divisions were operating with Circles looking after each one of the three.

The necessity arose for this creation as the work load was distributed unfairly and the office looking after the progress had very little interest involved. Moreover the over involvement of S.E's in their operational problems like arrears, losses, trippings and social contacts would hamper the construction activities under his supervision, as it carried a lower priority rating in the S.E's office. It also overlapped the requirements of the circle as far as the inventory control and data collection / keeping was concerned.

In the year 1990 a heavy mandate of village electrification was given to WAPDA by sponsoring agencies i.e. World Bank, ADB and Narcotics works under U.S. Aid. On the demand of these sponsoring agencies the Authority created a full department of Rural Electrification under the supervision of General Manager (R.E.) / Chief Engineer (R.E) and eight (8) Project Directorates of Construction on the following considerations:

  • For better coordination amongst the construction divisions with sponsoring agencies, public representative, legislators i.e. Senators, MNAs, MPAs, General Manager (R.E) / C.E. (R.E), Consultants and Contractors.
  • For bringing the construction works of different circles under a single command for proper supervision, date collection and policy controlling.

The Project Director Construction and Operation was made responsible for coordination amongst the different agencies regarding preparation of proposals for electrification, preparation of demand of material, preparation of budget estimate, preparation of progress report of the works and furnishing replies to the Senate, National Assembly, Provincial Assembly questions and various other public forum.

The Project Directorate has been functioning efficiently and effectively looking after all the activities in Construction Divisions through out N.W.F.P and Tribal areas.

Now that TESCO has come into being the works in the Tribal Area has been shifted to their respective Division. To facilitate the legislators and to complete the works speedily an extra Division for Construction has been created in Mardan.

Responsibilities & Field Duties

This Directorate is responsible for the electrification of all the areas indicatied by the Legislators i.e. Senators, MNAs, MPAs etc. along with all the works to be carried out for up gradation / augmentation of the existing system under E.L.R. This is in addition to all the works under Govt. / Private Deposits and their policy regarding Village Electrification.

This office is in touch with the work from the time of its inception i.e. carrying out the works and execution of the job according to Govt. / WAPDA Policies.

Beside this labour this Directorate collects data from the field and consolidates the same geographically, legislator-wise and deposit- wise. And also keeps a strict watch over the implementation of Govt. Policies as laid down to this Directorate. This office keeps a liaison between the executing offices and donor agencies.