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Mission Statement

We aim to be an efficient and dynamic distribution business that is the best in Pakistan in the areas of safety, reliability, great employees and the quality customer satisfaction to all consumers.


  • Achieve and maintain the highest degree of efficiency, reliability and responsiveness as a public service organization for variety of customers.
  • Public and company workers' safety shall be high on our priority.
  • Retaining and growing our business, staff and customer base will be of primary importance.
  • Developing innovative business relationships both inside and outside our local distribution area will be key to our success.


  • To maintain, augment and expand, as needed, a cost effective and efficient distribution system to adequately meet the power needs of its consumers.
  • To comply with the performance parameters specified by NEPRA regarding voltage and frequency variation, tripping, break downs, line losses etc.
  • To continue certain public service obligations including the following:
    • Installation of basic distribution facilities.
    • Maintenance of Service reliability and safety.
    • Connections to new customers to ensure open access to all.
  • To compete with other DISCO's.
  • To lead the organization through major cultural change w.r.t.
    • To improve quality of service.
    • To reduce theft and improve commercial efficiently.
    • To innovate and satisfy the consumers demand.
    • To strive for setting the tariff above the cost of supply to ensure a reasonable return on investment.
  • To improve morale and professionalism amongst its employees.


  • We maintain electricity distribution system that delivers electricity to your home/business.
  • We connect your home/business to electrical power and maintain that connection, safely and reliably.
  • We restore your power in case of outages or emergencies.
  • We read your meter and calculate your charges for billing purposes.
  • We maintain a current and historical record of your account, including your consumption and any electricity retailer choices you made.
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