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  Peshawar Electric Supply Company

Public Relations Overview


•  To put up press cutting daily to Head of the Institution.

•  To perform day to day public relations assignments including:

a. To get publication of all WAPDA / PESCO news in Newspapers and also photographic coverage in Media.

b. To issue all contradictions and clarifications for Print and Electronic Media.

c. To make liaison between PESCO and Journalists.

d. To deep close contact with the Journalists.

e. To visit regularly press club and hold discussions with columnists and journalists.

f. Represent Chairman WAPDA, Members and CEO (PESCO) on the occasions required.

g. To participate in Radio and T.V. Programs defending WAPDA / PESCO.

h. To visit frequently the Print and electronic offices.

i. To visit frequently the Print and electronic offices.

j. To arrange Press Conferences / Press briefing.


•  To hold press parties.

•  Tissue news / PR / contradictions on daily basis.

•  To issue advertisement as required.

•  To arrange photo graphic coverage of different events.

•  To ensure the projection of the organization.

•  To highlight the +ve responses of the Public representation


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